At Peters Paving Inc, we strive to be your contractor of choice for all your paving needs, whether it be commercial or residential. Peters Paving specializes in driveways, parking lots, roadways, and tennis courts. With the majority of our staff having been in the industry for over twenty years, our finished product is guaranteed to exceed your expectations!

Est. 1969

Peters Paving Inc. was established in 1969 by Dave Peters and his two brothers. In the beginning, business was tough but it eventually took off and has been growing steadily ever since. Dave bought out his brothers and built what is our current headquarters, five minutes north of Aylmer on Highway 73.

Starting off, the company consisted of the three Peters brothers and two employees and it has now grown to employ over 15 full time employees. The crew prides themselves in being highly experienced and efficient.

After over 40 years in the business, Dave Peters felt it was time to hand over the reigns and sold the company to Chad Yates, of Woodstock. Chad had owned a successful asphalt maintenance and paving company in Woodstock for almost 10 years.

Like Dave, Chad's goal is to maintain the exceptional reputation that Peters Paving Inc. has established over many years of business.